Kayla M. Fast, MSc

Research Associate III, Mississippi State University

Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture

Michael W. Sandel, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University

Forest and Wildlife Research Center

Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture

Graduate Students

Tobin "Toby" Davidson, BSc

Master of Science Student

Thesis: Environmental DNA PCR Protocol development and Surveillance of the Weather Loach

Kevin W. Jones, BSc

Master of Science Student

Thesis: Environmental DNA Surveillance of the Southern Walleye in Mississippi

David Pounders, BSc

Master of Science Student

Thesis: "Conservation Genomics and Phylogenomics of Elassoma"

Matthew Scott, BSc

Master of Science Student

Thesis: "Microbiome Characterization of Earth's Most Diverse Freshwater Ichthyofauna"

Caroline Teal, BSc

Master of Science Student

Thesis:  "Phylogeography of Ethestoma lachneri"

Undergraduate Students

Kyle Hubbard

Major: Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture

Concentration:  Human-Wildlife Interactions

Graduate Alumni

Zachariah Alley, MSc

EDGE Environmental Consulting

Thesis: "Phylogenomics of the Leuciscid subgenus Hydrophlox" - October 2023

Anna N. Eastis, MSc

Alabama Department of Environmental Management 

Thesis: "Phylogenomic Investigation of Invasive Green Swordtail Populations of Florida" - May 2023

Kenny D. Jones II, MSc

Science Instructor

Cleveland School District, Clevelend MS

Thesis: "Conservation Genomics of the Imperiled Coal Darter of the Mobile River Basin" - Dec 2022

John Larrimore, MSc

Laboratory Technician

Oncology Diagnostics Laboratory 

The University of South Alabama Medical Center

Non-thesis MSc - May 2021

Joshua D. Millwood, MSc

PhD candidate

The University of Alabama

Thesis: "Evolutionary Ecology of the Dermal Mucosal Microbiome of Mobile River Basin Sculpins (Teleostei: Cottidae)" - May 2021

J. Tyler Newburn, MSc

Soil Conservation Technician

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Thesis: "Characterization of the Dermal Mucosal Microbiome of Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) and its Causative Agents" - May 2017

Alex Rakestraw, MSc

Graduate Professional Aide

Michigan State University

Thesis: "Investigation of Piscine Reservoirs for the Pathogen, Mycobacterium ulcerans" - Aug 2022

P. Kiersten Schellhammer, MSc

Army Corps of Engineers

Thesis: "An Aquatic Melting Pot: Genomic Homogenization of Bullhead Minnows of the Tenn-Tom Waterway"

Mason Strickland, MSc

PhD Student University of Alabama at Birmingham

Thesis: "Conservation Genomics of the  Bridled Darter (Percina kusha)" - May 2023

Caitlyn White, MSc

Biology instructor

Demopolis High School, Demopolis, Alabama

Non-thesis MSc - May 2016

Julia Wood, MSc

PhD Student,

Yale University

Thesis: "Phylogenomic Diagnosis of a Recently Discovered Population of Tennessee Dace (Chrosomus tennesseensis) in Alabama" - May 2021

Undergraduate Alumni

Rakim Ali, BSc

UWA BSc: May 2021

Undergraduate research:  "Bioinformatic Investigation of Actinobacteriophage Genomes Reveals the LGFP Domain of the Lysin A Protein as a Putative Determinant of Host Range"

Christian Braswell, BSc

MSc Student, 

Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama

UWA BSc: December 2020

Dominique Dawson, BSc

UWA BSc: May 2019

Undergraduate research:  "Investigating Ancestry and Genomic Diversity of Walleye (Sander vitreus) in the Mobile River Basin" 

Yanesha Johnson, MSc

DNA Analyst/Serologist: Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences, Houston, Texas

UWA BSc: May 2017

Undergraduate research: 

"Post-mortem Dynamics of the Guppy Dermal Microbiome at Varying Temperatures"

Timothy 'TJ' Odom, MSc

PhD Student, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

UWA BSc degree: May 2017

Undergraduate research: "Bacteriophages as Keystones of the Breastmilk Microbiome"


Andres Aguilar, PhD

Associate Professor - California State University, Los Angeles, California

M. Eric Benbow, PhD

Associate Professor - Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

Heather Jordan, PhD

Assistant Professor - Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi

Bernie Kuhajda, PhD

Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute,

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Jennifer Pechal, PhD

Assistant Professor - Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan