Off Campus Outreach

LAQE members love to spend time engaging with the public. We regularly provide educational programs for public schools and non-governmental organizations. We understand that outreach is the most important way to help meet the growing need for STEM professionals in a rapidly changing world.

On Campus Outreach

The UWA campus is located in a regional biodiversity hotspot, and the rural setting of Sumter County means that our campus is a living laboratory for the study of plants and animals. In addition to guest lectures for freshmen courses, we host outreach events for Homecoming and the Sucarnoochee Folk Life Festival.

Cahaba Biodiversity Center

Faculty at the University of West Alabama Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences have been instrumental in the acquisition and development of the Cahaba Biodiversity Center, in Bibb County, Alabama. The property includes approximately 2,200 acres along the Cahaba River, including access to two ecologically unique tributary streams (Schultz Creek and Little Schultz Creek).