Off Campus Outreach

LAQE members love to spend time engaging with the public. We regularly provide educational programs for public schools and non-governmental organizations. We understand that outreach is  the most important way to help meet the growing need for STEM professionals in a rapidly changing world. 

Wolf River Property

Faculty at Mississippi State University have been instrumental in developing a research plan for a 14,000 acre property along the Wolf River, Mississippi. With support by the Coastal Headwaters Protection Initiative, the LAQErs will lead aquatic biotic surveys and youth outreach at the property.

Sandel Presents Mycobacterium ulcerans research at the University of Southern Mississippi Department of Biological, Environmental, and Earth Sciences.

Sandel and Scott Discuss eDNA and Mycobacterium ulcerans research in French Guiana for the CFR Renew Series

Sandel and Pounders Discuss the Pygmy Sunfish on the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service podcast "Fish of the Week!"